Open Enrollment Medicare Options 2021

Did you know that if you are unhappy with your Medicare Advantage Plan, often referred to as Medicare Part C, you have options to change the plan during Jan 1st through March 31st? Each year during this time you can do the following below:

  1. Switch to a different Medicare Advantage Plan with or without drug coverage.
  2. Go back to Original Medicare and, if needed, also join a Medicare Prescription Drug plan.

If you decide to switch your Medicare Advantage Plan or go back to Original Medicare with or without a Medicare drug plan. your new coverage will start the first day of the following month after your new plan gets your request for coverage.

If you decide to drop your Medicare Advantage plan, we recommend you getting onto a Medicare Supplement plan to help cover the gaps and coinsurance Medicare doesnt cover. It may require underwriting as well, where the Medicare Supplement carries could assess a higher rate, or flat out deny you coverage. So call us first to see if you are are elgible for one and we can help you go through the underwriting process to make sure you get approved first before you decide to cancel your current policy.

We are located in Utah and specialize in Utah Medicare Plans. Our services are 100% free to you and if you get a policy through us you will also get free claims support for life!