Dental Insurance for Seniors

Dental, Vision, and Hearing Coverage from Central United Life Insurance

Medicare itself does not cover routine dental, vision or hearing exams. Either does your supplement.  So it’s not surprising that we get a lot of callers asking about the best dental insurance plan for seniors.  

Fortunately, there is an affordable plan that combines Dental, Vision and Hearing insurance offered by Central United Life Insurance.  Our clients love this plan and for good reason.  It provides benefits from day one, and those benefits get better and better over time.  It also quick and easy to apply for and asks NO heath questions so you will be approved.

Dental Insurance with NO Network Restrictions

Would you like to receive care from your favorite dental provider?  Choose your own dentist with this plan that has no network restrictions.  You can use it at any provider’s office.  

It also provides immediate coverage for preventative and basic services.  How nice is that?

Here are some of the great features of this individual dental plan for seniors:

  • Affordable dental plans as low as $31 a month
  • Available to individuals ages 18-85
  • Choose from $1000 or up to $1500 in coverage
  • No networks!  Choose your favorite provider
  • No waiting periods for preventative and basic services
  • Fillings and Extractions covered the next day
  • Basic eye exams covered immediately
  • Basic hearing exams covered immediately
  • Guaranteed Issue – No health Questions.  You will be approved!
  • Benefits increase each year up to 80% coverage
  • Easy and quick online application where you can apply on your own – or- call us and let us do
Vision Insurance Coverage

Routine vision care is another benefit you would think Medicare would cover.  But it doesn’t.  That’s why having this helps even more when you need new glasses or contacts.  The vision portion of this policy covers things like:

  • Basic Eye Exam or Eye Refraction
  • Eyeglasses from any provider
  • Contacts from any provider

The other nice thing about this vision coverage is if you need an eye exam you can sign up for this coverage and have it help pay the very next day!  Along with the Dental, the vision portion the benefits increases each year up to 80% coverage!

Hearing Aid Coverage

Need a hearing aid?  You’re not alone… Although Medicare doesn’t cover that either.  Yet another reason our clients love this plan so much.  You can go to any hearing aid provider and use this plan to get the hearing aids that work for you.   Benefits of this coverage:

  • Hearing exam
  • Hearing aid from any provider
  • Covers necessary repairs and supplies

Along with the Dental and Vision benefit, the hearing benefit increases each year as well up to 80% coverage.  

Dental, Vision and Hearing Insurance

This Dental, Vision and Hearing Insurance lets you buy it today and use it tomorrow.  It also helps cover the gap for these things where Medicare doesn’t help cover.   

Learn more about our Dental, Vision and Hearing Insurance… Click here for the Brochure 

You can apply directly online with the link below or call one of our friendly team members to do it all for you.  Easy application takes just 5-10 minutes.  Most the time you can start your coverage as early as tomorrow!  

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